Calgary Patterns User Group Book Reviews

Design Patterns, Gamma, Helm, Johnson & Vlissides (Gang of Four)

Published by Addison Wesley in 1995, this is the original reference for Design Patterns. The book that made Patterns available to most Designers and a major focus of our User Group.

Analysis Patterns, Martin Fowler

Published by Addison Wesley in 1997, this book will be reviewed at our 24-Feb meeting.

Pattern Languages of Program Design, Coplien & Schmidt Eds.

Published by Addison Wesley in 1995 (this is getting to be predictable), this book arose out of the pattern Languages of Program Design AKA PLoP conference in 1994. Named as one of the top 5 object-oriented books of 1995, and top 10 object-oriented books of all time.

A link to Jim Coplien's Generative Development-Process Pattern Language, but buy the book as there are many other good patterns documented in it as well.

Abstract of Article

Many factors contribute to software quality and productivity, but development process has increased its share of the spotlight in recent years. The Pasteur process research program has been gathering data on a wide spectrum of software development organizations over the past two years. Most highly productive organizations exhibit the same patterns of organization, process, and introspection. These patterns are missing from organizations that are less productive or less successful. Using the emerging discipline of generative pattern languages, we can capture the patterns underlying successful projects and use them to establish organizational structures and practices that will improve the prospects for success in a new software development organization. This paper presents 43 such patterns. Managers in highly productive cultures at Lucid, Borland, and AT&T have confirmed the presence of most of these patterns in their organizations

Object Models, Peter Coad

Published by Yourdon Press, Prentice Hall in 1995, this book will be reviewed in our 10-March Meeting.

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