Calgary Patterns User Group

The Calgary Patterns User Group has been dormant for a while. This group will provide people in the Calgary area with a forum to discuss and learn more about using and writing patterns.

Since we have not had much participation in physical form, it will be relaunched as an electronic discussion group. At some point the forum will be implemented in Java (servlets) with WikiWiki style formatting

Group Charter

The focus of the Calgary Patterns User Group is on supporting the Software Development Community in becoming familiar with existing Patterns and to provide a forum for people to experiment with Pattern writing. In keeping with the current direction in Patterns, we will be looking at all aspects of patterns, the familiar Design Patterns and the other uses of Patterns (Process and Organizational, Risk Management, Coding Idioms, Architectures and Frameworks). In doing so we intend to broaden the scope and usage of Patterns within the Software Development Community.

For anyone who needs a primer on patterns check out Brad Appletons site.

We have some book reviews archived here. The purpose of the book reviews is to allow a developer who has read the book to share the useful parts, so that everyone else can make an informed decision about whether the book would be useful to them.

Other Patterns related sites

Patterns Home Page

Patterns FAQ

Books on Patterns

Other useful patterns sites are: (Patterns related to effective software development organizations) (Ward Cunningham's pattern language weaving site)

Last modified: April 2000