OOPSLA 99 Design for Maintenance Workshop

Call for Participation

Please send all position papers to petemcbreen@acm.org.


All participants must submit a position paper (including the organizers). No exceptions. Before submitting a position paper, please see the original workshop proposal, and then read more below. We reserve the right to alter this process as we see opportunities for improvement. We're open to your suggestions. All position papers must be from individuals (no exceptions for co-workers with similar experience) and must include name, affiliation(s), address(es), phone number, and primary electronic mail address. Content of Position Papers Position papers must be no greater than two pages in length and should clearly convey some of the following:

Your maintenance experience as it pertains to:

The type of software where maintenance was an issue:

Size / complexity of organization

Size / complexity of software

Lessons learned pertaining to:

Is it possible to conciously Design for Maintenance?

What practices or processes have you adopted to assist in the maintenance part of the software development life cycle?

Format of Position Papers

Please send position papers in HTML (or a URL to an HTML version of the paper) so that they can be posted on this site.


Since the early registration deadline for OOPSLA is 23rd September, please submit papers before 15th September so that we can notify you of your acceptance /rejection by the 20th September. The deadline for submitting papers has been extended to 30th September.

Final versions of the position papers are due by 10th October. These will all be posted on this website to allow all participants to familiarize themselves with each others papers.


Please address all questions concerning this process to Pete McBreen

Pete McBreen, petemcbreen@acm.org