This sample system definition is provided as a template for projects looking to capture requirements on a set of related web pages.

NOTE. This page would typically form the home page for the project

E Commerce System

Project Charter

This E Commerce system is designed to allow customers to purchase goods from our corporation over the web. The main difference between this system and most competing systems is that we link the order entry system directly to the warehouse so that customers know when they place the order whether it can be immediately fulfilled or not.

Business justification

This section identifies the business drivers and priorities for the project.

Top 10 Risks

This section identifies the active risks and the mitigation strategies that are in place to tackle these risks. Some projects go as far as to identify "early warning signals" up front that give a hint that the feared risk is about to materialize. The project then tracks these signals to get early warning about problems.

Use Cases (sorted by delivery priority)

As a project progresses, the delivered use cases are moved to this list

Implemented and tested Use Cases

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